Sunday, October 2, 2011

Black and white handmade cards

Yet another swap. This time a challenge to use the colors black and white only, but a dash of other colors is allowed. I was thinking too difficult and after a while it went well. The card slowly was built up and it came out beautiful. These will be sent out today to the USA and Canada. It is a swap so what will I receive? Surprise, surprise ..... There will be less cardmaking for me. I noticed that quite some people asking me to make them a handmade card. Till so far I did, but I can not make cards for everyone. I wish I could. I am joining some Round  Robins and I had to make the art journals myself. It takes some time, so you know where most of my time is spend on:-) I finished one art journal and it is now time to paint and decorate the cover and the first pages. I'll update you on this journal. It is a lot of fun making an art journal by yourself! What am I writing about art journal? The title says handmade cards! Here are the pics, guys. Thank you for visiting and reading.

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  1. Very nice postcards! i like b/w style :)

    PS:I'm Margotfaerie on Swapbot for the "Blog Swap"!


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