Monday, February 27, 2012

Tag swap @ dolldreams

And again, a finished project .... ehhhhh, I mean finished projectS! Yes projectS, because I had to make seven tags for seven partners! Now, I usually do not join swaps in which I have to make more than two projects. That's is too much for me ..... I just like to make one to two projects in a swap. What went wrong then? Well, afterwards I think I did not read the discussion well or forgot to ask how many tags we supposed to make. Nevertheless, the tags are ready and I had a wonderful time with this challenge. Sunday I went for the challenge; sadly enough two of the tags were damaged after I put a layer of beeswax on them. At night yesterday I started the drawings for these two tags. Today I finished them and I am so satisfied. Enjoy!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quiet Sunday

It is a quiet day and it feels so good on this day to reach for my creativity. Two art journal pages were produced today. I had to make an art journal page with the prompt "peace". This is how I expressed the word peace on a 5x7" cardstock.

I love this page so, so much that I grabbed my large Moleskine art journal to create a similar art journal page. There are some differences though: the wings, the dress, some decorations and the size of the pages. In my Moleskine I create a double spread. Love how it turned out and I also feel really good about this page.

A last treat, another page made a week ago in my large Moleskine. I love the blended colours. The ornament (on the right) is adhered with versamark ink and distress powder and the butterfly is a wooden butterfly; does it makes this page a 3D page?☺

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very, very beautiful doll dream page for Ana

How is your Sunday? We are having a nice Sunday here. About 14.00 o'clock we saw tiny little snow flocks. It stopped, so no white view. I had to work in the art journal from Ana from the dolldreams Round Robin. Last night I started drawing the doll. Today I continued the drawing, but when I had to draw her hair I hesitated which style I would do her hair. Should I gave her long whimsy hair or something else ..... See at the picture how she came out! I LOVE her, but I can't torn the page of someone's art journal????? Bad girl ...:-( I truly love this page; maybe it is the best to separate asap?!?!? Yes, that's the best thing to do. So tomorrow I will mail her to the next person who has to do her part in this RR.

Very proud of this product and separating of this page with pain in my heart. I hope you like it, Ana. Enjoy!♥

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Practice drawing

Last year I decided to take a workshop to learn to draw. I love those dollies with big eyes, so I took the step. I was amazed to discover that I do a good job drawing. Here two pages created in my small Moleskine art journal. I made these pages last year. I love quirky types, but I love to try different styles. Still looking and searching for my own style. It is not easy to discover my own thing in drawing. But I don't try too hard on finding my own style. I think it will develop in time; for now I just enjoy what I create.

Another postcard

Another postcard made for a postcrosser, who prefers handmade cards. The image I used is in fact a colouring page. The pink background is cardstock which came with a membership card. The cardstock is sturdy enough and I like the pink stripes on it. It is a nice piece of cardstock, so I decided to use it as a background for this postcard. Cute isn't it?

Art journal pages

It has been a few days and I wanted to give you a glimpse of my entry in the last journal of the 15 artists, 15 journals, 15 months Round Robin I worked in. I am not so satisfied with the pictures, but it gives you a peek of the page.
First page

Second page

The double page in one sight

At the moment I have no journals. Looking forward to the next to work in.

Two more art journal pages for the monthly art journal page swap I join at milliande.ning. The prompts of the month January are:
- One Word. Choose a word for 2012. A word that you might associate with some changes you would like to make
Chupacabra. An interesting prompt, especially for those who appreciate "darker" subject matters.
Before this prompt I can't remember I ever heard of a chupacabra. Click the name if you would like to know what it is:-))

One word


Have a nice Sunday☺