Sunday, May 20, 2012

My work in Round Robins .... created today and two art journal pages

Ready to be sent: two art journal pages sizes 5x7 inch.

Prompt: My favourite time of the day is ....

Prompt:  I love you, because ...

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday:))

My work in Round Robins .... created today and two art journal pages

Ready to be sent: two art journal pages sizes 5x7 inch.

Prompt: My favourite time of the day is ....

Prompt:  I love you, because ...

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday:))

Easter fairy, flower fairy .... a peek on my projects

So many kinds of fairies. I love fairy tales, but I don't believe fairies exist. It is a lot of fun, though, drawing and painting these creatures. They are part of our literature and it is so funny to see how human imagine about how fairies look like. We imagine a lot about fairies.... How they dress, how they move ... and they always seems to have something sweet, peaceful on their appearance. I am open minded and just enjoy these moments of creating them in my art journal.

I just forgot to take pictures before sending my art journal to Australia. So all I have at the moment are these pictures of my unfinished pages. These pages are all finished now. The pages art part of my Flower Fairy art journal in a Round Robin, so of course the pages are finished and beautiful and sent to Australia. Well, after a couple of months I expect it to return back to me:))

This time I decided to bind my journal afterwards. How did I sent my journal? Well, it is a package of pages, cut out of a Canson mix media XL acrylic block. I made the covers out of cardboard. Back and front of the cardboard has a fairy on it. For this journal we only use Tom bow markers. But I am a bit stubborn and I used (had to) acrylic paint for the Christmas fairy at the inside of the back cover. Well, I don't have any red and white Tom bow and I just wanted her dress to be red and white. Hopefully I will be forgiven:))

Front cover of my Flower Fairy art journal.

Inside of front cover
Not so glad with the face of my Easter fairy, but after she was coloured her face lightened up.

Inside back cover

My coloured Christmas fairy

Back cover: Flower fairy in black & white. Some gray dabbed in the core of the large flowers.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Butterfly Fairy page

It's a wonderful day! The sun is shining .... no, it's still a cold wind, but at least we have the sun☺ I could not withstand to do a project of this fun workshop. Teacher Adriana had a template, but I draw my big eyed dolly myself:-3 Trying my best with these Tow bow markers and I'm not disappointed ... Yayyy!! The colours are so vibrant!! And the markers are very juicy. Used with water it gives a watercolour look. An alternative to watercolouring?? I don't know, but I like the effect.

Hehehe... the post before this one would be the last of today? Well, I couldn't stay away from my blog☺☺

Sea life and flower art journal pages

My last uploads for today. Hope I uploaded all the projects of the last two months:-)) Here two paintings made on 5x7" mixed media paper. There were not themes or prompts; the pages are based on the profiles of those I had to sent to. Wish I could keep them .... no time to overdo, so they're sent!

This first page is based on sea life. I love how this sea horse looks ... does she has an attitude??hehehe...
Used: acrylic paints, tow bow markers, Copic multiliner.

The second page is based on flowers. The sun hasn't show us much of its strength, so here a sunflower. It's just me hoping for a bit warmer weather☺
Used media: acrylic paints, paint dabber, prisma color pencils.

Birthday cards made for the group at milliande

 These birthday cards are postcards. Forgot to scan the back to give you a view. Next postcard project??? All cards are sent.

Art journal pages for Rhelda, Karen and Debs

The art journal pages I made for the Round Robins @ milliande and dolldreams. Rhelda couldn't stay and join the RR and one participant came with the idea to create pages for her. So her my two pages for Rhelda, wishing her strength in these days.

For the first RR at dolldreams I created this page for Karen. It was the last art journal to receive in this RR. The page is based on a project in one of the workshops named "Azulita". So, closing this project with a smile and grateful for all the art journals in which I could play in and see all the fabulous works of the wonderfull participants. Thanks to all the ladies and the host Tania.

The Round Robin, now going on, is the Round Robin based on the workshop Doll Dreams Basic. I was the first to work in Debs art journal. Suddenly I went for a fairy, which is, I think, not part of the DD Basic workshop, but well ...... that is what came up and that is it going to be☺ I am very, very proud of this page.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Made in April and May: art journal pages

The pages are made one month ahead, so that every participant can finish the pages of December and we don't have to rush in a busy December period.

Prompts of April were: 
1. If you only had one more day to live, what would you do?
2. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Prompts of May:
1. Express on your art journal page what animal you would like to be or express your totem animal on your   
    art journal page.
2. Express on your art journal page what home means to you.

Prompts of June:
1. Create the page using different shades of your favourite colour(s)
2. What does CHANGE mean to you?

Different mediums used: acrylic paints, templates, napkin, rubber stamps, embossing technique, free drawing, ink, Chinese marker, calligraphic pen, punchenella, embellishment and A LOT OF FUN.

Wishing you a great Mother's Day☺

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chunky page swap at Dolldreams.ning

A quick post to upload the pictures of these lovely chunky pages I created. Two for each player in this swap. And since there were 11 players (me included), I created twenty pages and chunked them up, hehehe fun part of making these pages. Later I created one chunky page for myself:-)) The back of each page has a pocket with a label on which I wrote some info. All pages are different and I created the embellishment myself.

I used different mediums s.a. cardboard, acrylic paints, Prismacolor pencils, Copic sketch marker, Copic multiliner, Copic spica gelpen, Uni Signo white gelpen, Faber Castell pen, rubber stamps, fibers, gems and handmade jewellery.

Little Red Riding Hood for postcrossing

I have been away for a while. Life certainly has its own way to get attention:-)) Family matters and for that I left The Netherlands for two weeks to visit my home country Surinam. It was so good to be there and in the second week I could enjoy my staying there besides all sadness.

Well, then back here and there are projects waiting to be done. I took two projects with me with the intention to finish in and mail them from Surinam. I took some material with me, not much, and I assumed I could find the rest there. A nice wish, but matte acrylic paint isn't easy to get here in The Netherlands; so how did I ever think of finding it easy in Surinam?? So finally I finished my handmade art journal (I was so busy to make the book, so I could send it that I forgot to take any pictures!), but in Surinam they sent packages two days in a week. Normal post/mail daily. As I had to return to The Netherlands the week before the day they would send, I just returned to The Netherlands with my art journal to mail here. That gave me the chance to sent the art journal three days earlier. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Busy organizing and still not in my daily rhythm ... but I'll catch up☺

There are some projects I want to show off here, but still organizing .... Today I created a postcard for a girl/lady who wears a red-hooded cape like the Little Red Riding Hood and now she is called Red Riding Hood; funny I thought and as I created a chunky page with this theme, the idea arise to make her a handmade postcard. Here it is.

I left the card simple as shown here to keep the attention on the girl. I hope she'll like the postcard. Medium used: cardboard (an old package from something once bought), Copic multiliner, acrylic paints, Prismacolor pencils, Uni Signo white gelpen and a rubber stamp. I used the rubber stamp to make the back similar as an ordinary postcard. I'll have to remember to post a picture to give you an idea. All of my postcards look like an ordinary postcard on the back. Does that make my postcard a real postcard? What is a real postcard by the way??? Does anyone know the answer?