Sunday, October 30, 2011

La Calavera Catrina postcard swap

Let me start by saying that this is a whole new theme for me. Postcards are cards I already make, but the Day of the Death is something I only once heard of. Catrina is the feminine word for elegant and calavera means skull. These translations with the help of google. The theme is used to celebrate the Day of the Dead (Día del los muertos) The skull or face is decorated as elegant as possible. Taste differs, so that is not a point of discussion. I joined a swap for two or three postcards, but I will enter with two. No embellishment is allowed. One postcard is finished, but one problem occurs. My first calavera catrina is so beautiful, that I decided to keep it. It is still a doubt, but if I decide to keep it ..... I will have to make another one. Point is that now I am that crafty I try some projects in swaps. These projects come out so beautiful and then I have to send it away for a swap partner. I am talking about projects I do for the first time. In an older post I mentioned my first canvas painting I made for a swap, yes I did make another one for myself, but still I love the first painting. Nothing to cry about, but tell me: am I right?

Time for a picture of my "La Calavera Catrina postcard":

The second postcard is not finished yet. When finished it I will post a picture. I will also make a pic of the back of my postcard to give you an idea of how I send my handmade postcards:) I would like to know what you think of my postcard. Have a nice sunday:-)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Round Robin art journal

Yesterday was Saturday and the second Round Robin arrived all the way from Australia. Each of the Round Robins are from different swaps. I will not put the pictures here, but I could tell you they are full of inspiration; so creative of my partners. I am the first partner to journal in their RR... so it will be a month of art journaling. There is always a first time they say and aiaiai, I go for it! I will try to give you some sneek peeks, but as the RR have to go round and my website may be read by partners it will be better to keep things as a surprised. There are 7 partners in this swap and everyone has a month to do the pages. The RR swap of will go on for at least 8-10 months. Let us say a year as one can be delayed.

The second RR I participate in is the 17 Artist, 17 Journals, 17 Months Round Robin at This one will last for at least 17 months. Every artist keeps a journal for a month, so with a little math I expect my RR to return in the year 2013. So, I will not see it for more than a year, since I have to mail it before the 1st of Novembre 2011!

Another mixed media painting on canvas

Art is a way of expression. A way one can create and put his thoughts, feelings and emotions in his work. Hahaha, that goes for the hers too, you know! I had a terrible week and I had no need to pick up anything to create a piece. A friend of my daughter is giving her birthday party and my daughter asked me what present she could give. Creative as I am I gave her some ideas and one of these ideas was that I could make her a canvas painting. Imagine her being very glad and surprised. Okay, yesterday I started AND the party was yesterday at night. You feel it coming! No haste, but my first drawing disappeared with the wind, I guess .... It was on the floor of my balcony and thoughtless of me, I did not put something of weight on it. It flew away (I think it did, since there was a strong wind) and it was no where to find. I even got on my bicycle and made some rounds around here to see if it was somewhere on the streets. So, not motivated I wondered if I should start all over again. No, I would not. But I did not want to disappoint my daughter and between us, I wanted to get my fingers dirty:) Here some pics of the mixed media painting, which the receiver loves very much.

This is the final piece. Her dress is cut out of patterned paper. I sprayed some home made glimmermist on her hair, which you can not see on the picture.
And though I had no feelings of being creative, it felt good. My odd thoughts were taken away and I felt happy with who I am at the moment and of course I felt good because I loved how my painting came out. Love it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Round Robin art journal

It was a nice and sunny weekend. A lot of things to do, but I enjoyed those days. It is the first time I tried to make a book. It started with swaps. One at and one at There are seven participants and everyone has one month to journal. So this book may be travelling for seven to eight months. The dolldreams Round Robin had to be sent no later than the 12th of octobre. Sadly enough I could not mail the art journal before or on the 12th of this month. It was on Saturday (yesterday) that I was able to mail my Round Robin art journal. The front page, the first page and the last page is decorated. Very satisfied and so curious on all the arts, journal and techniques I'll see when I got my art journal back.

The second Round Robin did not start yet and this art journal is waiting to be sewn and decorated. It is called 17 Artists, 17 journals, 17 Months Round Robin. Everyone had to pick a theme for their art journal. So this Round Robin divers from the one I mentioned above. There is some speed needed on this art journal, because we have to mail them on the 1st of novembre. Speedy, speedy .... Here some pictures of the Round Robin made for the dolldreams swap. Picture of the second handmade art journal will be here:-)

These are not the best pictures, but gives you a good peek on the Round Robin art journal (handmade).

This is the front.

This is also a piece of the front, but it is hidden under the one above. and the flap you see is the inside of the front cover. There is a pocket for goodies incorporated. The round sign has the words thank you inside.

This is the inside of the front cover and the first page of my Round Robin art journal. Under the dolls legs you see a pocket. In this pocket I included some handmade cards I have received from swaps. These are presents for the participants.

The last page in the art journal.

The inside of the back cover and you see a piece of the side in the back.

At the spine of the art journal I wrote; you can see what I wrote, hahaha.

Are you ready for a new workweek? Enjoy it and make the best of it!!! Ciao...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Short post ...

It is late, but I just wanted to post this image. A postcard, drawn and colored with black acrylics. It is black and white and the cardstock is cardstock you find in boxes of boots. This dreamy lady is on her way to Australia. She has a long, long way to travel.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art journal pages

A quick post. These are art journal pages to send out. They are heading for the USA. A lot of my swaps are going to the USA. but this is a swap I joined at If you are a woman, feel free to join us and explore your artistic talents. So here are my second attempts to make art journal pages for some I personally don't know, but who I will reach through my art pages. Have a splendid day!

Theme: A moment in time

Theme: Mythical Gods &/or Goddesses

Black and white handmade cards

Yet another swap. This time a challenge to use the colors black and white only, but a dash of other colors is allowed. I was thinking too difficult and after a while it went well. The card slowly was built up and it came out beautiful. These will be sent out today to the USA and Canada. It is a swap so what will I receive? Surprise, surprise ..... There will be less cardmaking for me. I noticed that quite some people asking me to make them a handmade card. Till so far I did, but I can not make cards for everyone. I wish I could. I am joining some Round  Robins and I had to make the art journals myself. It takes some time, so you know where most of my time is spend on:-) I finished one art journal and it is now time to paint and decorate the cover and the first pages. I'll update you on this journal. It is a lot of fun making an art journal by yourself! What am I writing about art journal? The title says handmade cards! Here are the pics, guys. Thank you for visiting and reading.