Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another mixed media painting on canvas

Art is a way of expression. A way one can create and put his thoughts, feelings and emotions in his work. Hahaha, that goes for the hers too, you know! I had a terrible week and I had no need to pick up anything to create a piece. A friend of my daughter is giving her birthday party and my daughter asked me what present she could give. Creative as I am I gave her some ideas and one of these ideas was that I could make her a canvas painting. Imagine her being very glad and surprised. Okay, yesterday I started AND the party was yesterday at night. You feel it coming! No haste, but my first drawing disappeared with the wind, I guess .... It was on the floor of my balcony and thoughtless of me, I did not put something of weight on it. It flew away (I think it did, since there was a strong wind) and it was no where to find. I even got on my bicycle and made some rounds around here to see if it was somewhere on the streets. So, not motivated I wondered if I should start all over again. No, I would not. But I did not want to disappoint my daughter and between us, I wanted to get my fingers dirty:) Here some pics of the mixed media painting, which the receiver loves very much.

This is the final piece. Her dress is cut out of patterned paper. I sprayed some home made glimmermist on her hair, which you can not see on the picture.
And though I had no feelings of being creative, it felt good. My odd thoughts were taken away and I felt happy with who I am at the moment and of course I felt good because I loved how my painting came out. Love it!

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