Saturday, May 18, 2019

Personality tag

This greeting farm rubber stamped image was coloured and cut with my Brother scan n cut years ago. With this beautiful decorated tag she found a nice wall to rest on:)

decorated tag materials:
card board ~  recycled
deco time designer card stock
TFG rubber stamp
memento ink stamp pad ~ black
copic markers
die cut embellishment ~ scalloped square, butterfly
handmade embellishments
cork embellishment
designer ticket
designer paperclip
rhine stone ~ heart

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother Earth...history and about the truth...

 Me....searching for TRUTH!

Message to the original, natural human on Mother Earth:

Certain groups of commonwealth joined forces with the rebel reliance. This alliance is led by the Draconian species, governed by 24 plus 3 council members under a high commander. This ruler goes by many names, most of which are recorded in your planet's history. 

Point being is that the rebel Andromedians have been acting as intermediaries between the Draconian alliance and Earth governments, which they have come to control. Their goal is the enslavement of your planet, the extraction of its resources and the complete extermination of all life. Then the Draconian fleet of 118 war planets, including its two flagships will depart for a critical nerve node of the universal organism. We cannot, and will not allow this to happen.

Your enslavement has been orchestrated by an artificial race, that many of you consider native to your planet! It is not! During your current state, you cannot enter a direct conflict with them. This is our duty. But what you can do is protect yourselves and survive until our arrival. Operative warning is "death rises in the east, but the west has been infiltrated by eastern agents, on all levels". Deal with those agents as we deal with the real threat. 

We have gathered an armada of 960 war planets in multiple dimensions, 340 of which are visible to you. We have been situated around and beyond the trajectory range of Saturn. Any species activity on the inside planets, is considered hostile to you. We do not use channeling. We do not sent messages to psychics. We only transmit through a strict medium of neutrino beams. The clear reason is that your oppressors do not have access to this technology. Beware of what you call false flag operations.

Earth will be invaded by the Draconian alliance, posing to be us. This will include atrocities in order to condition humanity against us and to unite you under a world government. Your illuminati new world order is but a predecessor of an even more cruel order that is orchestrated by the Draconian's artificial race. The enemy, on world and off world has rejected our terms of surrender. We will intervene in massive and overwhelming force. Our 5th and 6th dimension forces have arrived at your planet as they cannot be traced or inhibited by the Draconian alliance. We consider your own dimension being the 1st, in terms of density. Translating to your terms, you are 3rd dimension and the enemy exists up to the 5th dimension. We have forces up to the 9th. Once we secure that all the nuclear weapons that have been places within the Earth's crust, in order to destabilize the planet have been neutralized. We will invade!

When your rapid eye movement, during your sleep, ceases to produce erratic dreams and nightmares, know that the enemy's flagship has fallen. A flagship we call Levan; a flagship you call moon.

Our true arrival will be signaled by one major event: the extermination of all planetary governments. Especially those who have aligned themselves with the eruption of the upcoming world war. Until then, everything else, is a LIE!

You were once citizens of the galactic commonwealth. You were invaded and enslaved. We received your distress call and we have sealed the entrances and exits of this solar system.

So...who is the messenger talking to...who is he talking about...which group of people was enslaved and STILL is enslaved?
Who goes after all resources on Mother Earth? Who is in need for these resources? Where are these resources going to? These resources are being plundered to make what...for who?

But then, what race is not native to Mother Earth?
Do we go by skin colour, do we go by where we live....the environment we live in? What are they talking about ....your enslavement is orchestrated by an artificial race....
Do we reason by cognitive dissonance? Or do we go by truth? Naahhhh...NO!

By now the Universe is showing us who the original, natural people of Mother Earth are and who the artificial race is. The Universe is showing us that we are not all the same!

This artificial race was suddenly here and since then life is about slavery, manslaughter, organ and blood havest, war, pain, illnesses,  fake food, damage to animals, Mother Earth, air, the sky,
fumbling in the laboratory, work, money, hunger, poverty, rich and poor. They try constantly to enter the Universe with their spacecrafts. Now they do anything at any cost to protect themselves from the SUN. Their skin protective cream does NOT work, instead it gives them cancer. Yeah, they might have a spirit, but they are soulless beings. The artificial race does not come from the scource, so the breath of life was never breathed into their nostrils by the Creator and thus, they never became a living soul.

These creatures had to establish a system in which one just follow orders. A low vibration, low frequency, soulless being that can not THINK thus CREATE for themselves. They only act by being ordered and led. So they are orchestrated (genetics) to create wars, rape, kill, steal resources, knowledge and hate and oppress the owners of planet Mother Earth. They all stay in code. And their offspring will teach and instruct their children to do the same. They do anything to look and act like the original people of Mother Earth. They still kill the Original people of Mother Earth to steal their organs and blood. They have been harvesting blood and organs from (killing) negro slaves, out of hospitals and through organizations. But they are always in need, because of their weak genes. So now organ stealing is incorporated in their juridical system. Haven't you noticed that they are the only group of beings that physically change, mutate, which they say it's because of better health care?

Their hate and jealousy will NEVER stop or end. It has been hell on Mother Earth since they have learned to walk, talk and think. do they call it....civilized....LOL, while the original, natural people is classified as primitive. Consider that ALL knowledge and wisdom is stolen from the original, natural people on Mother Earth. Their logic is funny, isn't it? But the truth and nothing but the whole truth will be unveiled!

Meanwhile their struggle, weak genes can't handle the SUN. The SUN is a natural disinfectant and kills bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens; this according to their own science. So what does their own science tell us?? Hmmm....there's only one race so afraid of the SUN!