Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some other works 2

Blogging in a super long post did not feel good. So I split chapter. Now the last pictures for today. I had to sent my first canvas painting I ever made for a swap to the USA. So I did my best to create another canvas for myself. Yes .... I am so glad with the first canvas for ME, MYSELF!!!:-) I just feel like I have not yet discovered my own style .... Maybe this is my style .... But to be honest .. I think I see to much of those I have learned from and would like to go there where I can only recognize myself.

With the last pictures I want to let you see the details on the painting.


  1. i found you via the giant art blog... lovely work in your world;
    i think all artists develop their own style one painting at the time...
    xo sandra


    Azed from swap bot swp : "Check out mu blog 2"


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