Sunday, October 16, 2011

Round Robin art journal

It was a nice and sunny weekend. A lot of things to do, but I enjoyed those days. It is the first time I tried to make a book. It started with swaps. One at and one at There are seven participants and everyone has one month to journal. So this book may be travelling for seven to eight months. The dolldreams Round Robin had to be sent no later than the 12th of octobre. Sadly enough I could not mail the art journal before or on the 12th of this month. It was on Saturday (yesterday) that I was able to mail my Round Robin art journal. The front page, the first page and the last page is decorated. Very satisfied and so curious on all the arts, journal and techniques I'll see when I got my art journal back.

The second Round Robin did not start yet and this art journal is waiting to be sewn and decorated. It is called 17 Artists, 17 journals, 17 Months Round Robin. Everyone had to pick a theme for their art journal. So this Round Robin divers from the one I mentioned above. There is some speed needed on this art journal, because we have to mail them on the 1st of novembre. Speedy, speedy .... Here some pictures of the Round Robin made for the dolldreams swap. Picture of the second handmade art journal will be here:-)

These are not the best pictures, but gives you a good peek on the Round Robin art journal (handmade).

This is the front.

This is also a piece of the front, but it is hidden under the one above. and the flap you see is the inside of the front cover. There is a pocket for goodies incorporated. The round sign has the words thank you inside.

This is the inside of the front cover and the first page of my Round Robin art journal. Under the dolls legs you see a pocket. In this pocket I included some handmade cards I have received from swaps. These are presents for the participants.

The last page in the art journal.

The inside of the back cover and you see a piece of the side in the back.

At the spine of the art journal I wrote; you can see what I wrote, hahaha.

Are you ready for a new workweek? Enjoy it and make the best of it!!! Ciao...

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