Monday, October 10, 2011

Short post ...

It is late, but I just wanted to post this image. A postcard, drawn and colored with black acrylics. It is black and white and the cardstock is cardstock you find in boxes of boots. This dreamy lady is on her way to Australia. She has a long, long way to travel.


  1. I wish she was coming my way Lucine she is beautiful.Have the journal pages reached you yet?

  2. Hi Mary, I received the journal pages yesterday. My daughter had a lot to copy so I could not scan the pages. But I just did and I will post them on milliande.ning. So nice of you to visit my blog and thank you for the nice compliment:-)

  3. great postcard, so arty

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  4. Nice idea to use cardstock from shoes' boxes!

    PS:I'm Margotfaerie on Swapbot for the "Check out my blog 2" Swap!


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