Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Remake and resend 'Card making challenge #62'

Keeping up with my blog. My first attempt on this challenge.

card recipe:
kraft card stock
deco time card stock
deco time designer paper
kraft envelope
deco time metal embellishment

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Remake and resend 'Monochromatic yellow postcard'

Another remake and resend, because of mailsystem failure. This postcard represent me in the SUN taking her energy easy and utilize it as we did in the beginning.

The so called smartest race ever lived on this Earth can not make a decent mail system. Odd, but funny😂

postcard recipe:
card board ~ recycled
magazine cut outs
fine liner ~ black
washi tape

Remake and resend 'Garden meditation day…'

This art journal page ia a remake and resent of this swap.

To not forget. For me gardening is much more than just being in my garden. It is about what Nature was and has become by those who simply think they can take, break, hybridize whatever, whenever and however they want. "We've" told them that Nature doesn't work like that, but simply do not know nor understand. Man-kind started confusion and chaos amongst the hue-mans, and he still is acting crazy. Now man-kind let people believe that there is something like global warming and they will lie every excuse they have to explain what is happening, but the great Universe always tells us the truth. It is all about the TRUTH. So yes, for us, hue-mans gardening is much more than just a garden; it is a homage and an ode to our ancestors and ourselves.

In fact, there is no such thing as a garden. A garden is another lie within the crazy mindset of man-kind; a juridical system creating confusion and chaos to justify whatever man-kind own. For they are the have-nots or better said...the ha(l)f-nuts!

art journal page recipe:
card board ~ recycle
decotime aquamarkers
fine liner ~ black

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Art journal page August ~ balance

Balance given to the original people, the hue-mans on this Earth are returning.

I've received both the background of this art journal page (master board) and the decorated envelope from a previous swap.

handmade envelope

art journal page ingredients:
master board
su rubber stamps ~ flower
su paper punch ~ flower
washi tape

Monday, June 24, 2019

Paint this cat

Painting challenge

based on the following picture:

MA: Paint this cat

postcard recipe:
card board
folkart acrylic paint ~ licorice, lemonade, coffee bean
van bleijswijck gesso ~ white
van bleijswijck acrylic paint ~ titanium white, olive

Handmade art journal go round ~ R44

Prompt: eyes

handmade envelope

art journal page recipe:
patterned card stock
dr. ph. martin's india ink
van bleijswijck acrylic paint ~ black
staedtler pigment liner ~ 0.5
washi tape

Hexagon / honey comb mail art

I decided to create a postcard by  recycling one I've received.

postcard ingredients:
recycled handmade postcard
studien aquarell paint
washi tapes

Card making challenge #63

all tucked in another handmade envelope

card sketch

Card Making Challenge #63

card recipe:
craft sensations card stock ~ beige
designer card stock
designer paper
craft unlimited rubber stamp
stazon ink pad ~ jet black
memento ink pad ~ tuxedo black

Handmade bookmark challenge

I went for another challenge and choose to fold a bookmark for this swap.

the back of the bookmark

handmade envelope

bookmark recipe:
craft sensations card stock ~ light yellow
designer paper
martha stewart border paper punch ~ flower

Monday, June 17, 2019

Up above the world so high ~ June

Prompt: to create a postcard with just the moon, just stars or a combination of stars and moon.

I question the existence of the moon. There are no stars, just guardians in frequencies. But the world is on a lowest frequency ever in her his-tory, because of these invaders with low vibrations who think they are all that.

postcard ingredients:
card board ~ recycled
van bleijswijck gesso ~ white
folkart acrylic paint ~ night sky, blue ribbon, lemonade (beige)
van bleijswijck acrylic paint ~ titanium white, primary yellow

Handmade cold postcard

My first one got lost in mail, so this is a remake and resent.

To create one monochromatic postcard from the cool colours: blue, purple, violet, maybe green.

postcard ingredients:
card board ~ recycle
recylcled envelope ~ blue
magazin cut out
folkart acrylic paints ~ violet pansy, baby blue, coastal blue
golden medium ~ matte regular
pen ~ blue