Sunday, October 23, 2011

Round Robin art journal

Yesterday was Saturday and the second Round Robin arrived all the way from Australia. Each of the Round Robins are from different swaps. I will not put the pictures here, but I could tell you they are full of inspiration; so creative of my partners. I am the first partner to journal in their RR... so it will be a month of art journaling. There is always a first time they say and aiaiai, I go for it! I will try to give you some sneek peeks, but as the RR have to go round and my website may be read by partners it will be better to keep things as a surprised. There are 7 partners in this swap and everyone has a month to do the pages. The RR swap of will go on for at least 8-10 months. Let us say a year as one can be delayed.

The second RR I participate in is the 17 Artist, 17 Journals, 17 Months Round Robin at This one will last for at least 17 months. Every artist keeps a journal for a month, so with a little math I expect my RR to return in the year 2013. So, I will not see it for more than a year, since I have to mail it before the 1st of Novembre 2011!

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  1. Dear Lucine, thank you very much for your surprise. I received it today. It have really made my day, I'm very happy and thankful.
    Hope everything is ok in your life. Warm greetings from Cracow.

    PS. A cat on the back of the envelope is gorgeous!


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