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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sending some love overseas

A handmade card, the base was made a couple of weeks ago, for my niece. Can you see the little embossed dots on the card! It is so lovely!! With this handmade card I send some love overseas:-))
I just could not decide which image to lay on the card. Then I saw stickers laying on my desk. I do not like stickers on greeting cards and I seldom use them for these cards. But the stickers I am talking about are especially for card making or scrapbooking. There was also a small one with a greeting, very cute. That's how I had the card in my mind, with these two 3-D stickers. Check the card out:-)

Big shot embossing machine
Cuttlebug Swiss dots embossing folder

Isn't the picture very clear? At least better than my other pics on the blog! My youngest daughter took this picture for me and I am very happy with the Nikon camera, although I haven't play really with it yet. Love how the pictures come out and it really puts me to go out and take some nice pictures. It is something I did a lot in the past using my Nikon F55 which is not a digital camera. Still as new and still making awesome photo's.

In the past I did not mat my cardstock or patterned paper a lot, because most of the time I eye balled bad and after matting and looking at my greeting card I could see it was not matted perfectly. Sometimes I would be very disappointed:(( The industry helps us a lot and there is always a solution for problems, right? Well, I found my solution in the Perfect Layers Border Tool. You can see on both greeting cards that the papers are nicely layered. A relieve for me☺ and I enjoy making cards more, yayyy!!


Image: KennyK digital images - ElenaK
Hair: E21, E23, E25
Skin: E000, E00, E02, R00, R20
Shirt: E81
Trousers: YG61, YG 63, YG99
Heels and belt: C3, E47, E43, C5
YR31, C5, BG10, BG15, YR24 and 100
Cardstock/patterned paper: unknown

I wanted to make a greeting card with multiple layers. A success I think, but I also wanted to use more embellishment to make a 'heavier' card. I stopped, because I went blank and didn't know what to add to the card. Yes, yes I have a lot of embellishment, it's just ... which ... what ... I will continue and finish the card .... guess I have to look for my mojo first, hehehe☺ Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, not much to say about these projects. Most of them are for swaps, sent and all.

For some pages I use quotes from Yogi Tea. It's a delicious tea and I love it! Every teabag has a quote and I love their quotes. I thought it would be a nice idea to use their quotes for my projects. With permission of Yogi Tea to use their quotes in my projects. Thank you Yogi Tea for your permission♥

These pages are made for a 5x7" doll dreams swap. I make most of my 5x7" out of the packages of our cereal boxes. Not always do I care to add gesso first; the card stock is strong enough to carry the paint and even the water when I wet the paintbrush. I'll add a layer of gesso when I definitely do not want to see the colour of the card stock.

A last project to share with you: a handmade postcard. This lady loves rats!! Yes, she loves rats, so I thought to draw and paint her a rat. Well, tell me if it looks like a rat. My daughter thinks it still looks too cute to be a rat:))

And I remember that I once again forgot to scan the back of the postcard to show you what the back of my postcard looks like. Well, three times is ...... I guess I will not forget it for the third time ..... will be continued, hehehe♥

Enjoy your Saturday:-D

Nikon D5100

Today I bought the Nikon D5100, yayyy!! So glad to finally have a decent digital camera. My daughter and I went to the store to get the Nikon with two lenses. Unfortunately it was sold out!! No panic I thought. But there was no good deal further and I definitely wanted this camera in combination with a second lens. After checking the computer the seller found out that the second lens also had a special price. So buying the camera with the standard lens and buying the second lens separately was cheaper! Well, that sounded like a better deal than the price of the Nikon set I wanted to buy. I can't wait to try the Nikon and make some fabulous pictures☺

Last week these projects were made:
A greeting card for a friend. I stamped the clock image and distressed the edges of the clock. The stars I cut with my Cricut Expression. A brad on the ribbon, a greeting stamp saying "Just a note to say HELLO" and voila!! A masculine handmade card is created.

For the swap on swap-bot named : Polka Dot Passion I created this page.

It has to be a fun page and it wasn't easy for me to come up with something. Then I came with the idea to look at my partner's profile. She loves and makes dotee dolls, so my page presents a dotee doll. She is very lovely, I think, and look at those dots:-)) The dots on the dotee is done with acrylic paint by using a cotton swab. The dots on the backgrounds .... well, I took my circle punch and patterned paper. I punched those dots and glued them on the background. You can see a bit of the colour on the dots. Cute, isn't it? The page is finished with a varnish layer for acrylic paints. The varnish layer adds a shine (or matt) to the painting and protects the painting from dust and other atmospheric contaminants.

Art journal pages for the month June
Prompt: "You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth." - William W. Purkey

 "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown
Hahaha, she's happy among the stars, or not?

These pages were sent in the envelope below. Why not recycle envelopes and make the so, so nice and surprise the receiver? Love this envelope.

Some 5x7" pages will be in the next post:-))

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh, there is one more project to share with you

A short post .... I have to post this! A while ago I drew Alice in Wonderland for an ATC swap. Well, I like ATC's, but it is not something I do a lot :-D It is nice to play on a small card sometimes, but I prefer a bit bigger piece of paper to create. Once in a while I'll take part in a swap. As in this one, I was asked for a personal swap. This was the ATC I produced. I kept the original drawing, since I drew it large and planned to color it once.

Well, yesterday was the once. I took my Copic marker box (will do a post on this) and started. To color the background I used acrylic paints. I had to mix some paints to get a certain color and I had to use a lot of strange movements to get this look. Awkward moment, realizing I am not an artist ... lol... So it turned out a mixed media project. The drawing is done on marker paper (not the Copic brand). So the acrylic paint is also done on this marker paper. Yes, the paper took the paint and withstand my playing with paint on it. I did not used a lot of water. In fact, I only dipped the point of the brush in water, now and then, to let the paint flow a bit better.

And a fact is, I don't want to be an artist .... I just want to play .... with less rules .... make what I like ...., but enjoying myself☺

So busy,so... so tired!!!

No post in April and my first post in June!!! What's going on??? In April I heard terrible news and had to travel instantly to Surinam. My family lives in Surinam, yes, I'm born in Surinam. It felt good to be 'home' again, but the tragic story did not made us feel good. Still it felt good to be with my family again and mourn the tragic. So, no post in April.

June .... well, June has it's own story. I had to study a lot, so first things first, right? Beside studying I took time to create some projects for myself as for swaps (such as the round robins @ doll dreams, postcrossing and swap-bot). I had no art journals of the round robin @ millliande ... lurking and waiting☺
Unfortunately there was not time to do any mailart, but will in the end of June or in July. I did received some nice mailart from people I do not know; just random senders; like it!! Here a post of my work in the art journal of Angela. I started and could not stop until finished! I am satisfied and I hope the owner will be too☺

I will tell more about the process of my projects in my posts. A bit interesting and also for readers to see and know what medium, technique I used. Never done it before, so please ... no judging, but I would like to learn, so please comment☺

No special techniques in this painting. I dabbed the background of the page with light blue acrylic. Then I added the stamps. First I painted the face, but that was a failure. To safe the doll I colored her face with the pencils. I really, really had to safe the damaged face:-(( It was a relief to see the changes and I can say that her face coloring is nice☺ Added color to the hair and finished the coloring of the balloons, flowers and the journal space. The quotes are from yogi tea (with their permission☺)

Used medium: acrylic paint dabber, acrylic paint, Uni Signo white gelpen, Prisma color pencils, acrylic stamps, rubber stamp, patterned paper, gems.