Sunday, August 19, 2012

Handmade card for Tania

It will be a while, but hopefully the card will reach her after the journey of her art journal in the Doll dreams basic Round Robin. The card will make a long way to its new home to Australia☺ This card will also be entered in the Mojo Monday 254. For this project I used the sketch provided by Mojo Monday.

I used an image of The Greeting Farm. She is so cute! Coloured with copic markers and prisma color pencils. I hope Tania will like her present.

5x7" page

Already sent, but still had to post a picture on my blog. I forgot to take a picture of my second page. Guess I'll have to miss that one. The first prompt was: A rainy day ... oh, what do I do?

Second prompt: What is a mistake people often make about me?

I used acrylic paints, a Chinese newspaper, water soluble crayons (Caran d'Ache neocolor). The page is created on card board. Enjoy this fabulous Sunday!!♥

Off with her head!!!

I received another art journal, which is quite a challenge! It's awesome, very beautiful ... well, the owner may be proud of her creation. Love her art journal. The theme of her journal is Alice in Wonderland. I knew I wanted to draw the queen and the mad hatter once. Since she created a page with the hatter, I choose to create the queen. Love the page so much and I had to make my own queenie in my own art journal. Yayyyy..... love it!!!

Art journal page for Trish for the Doll dreams Basic Round Robin.

Art journal page created for Tania for the Doll dreams Basic Round Robin

 These two journals will be passed on to the next participant, Angel (UK).

Art journal page created in my own art journal. Search the difference .... :-))

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quite a few pages

Swaps, swaps, swaps .... I had to do some art journal pages mainly for swaps. For one partner I had to create six art journal pages, since she had missed three swaps I hosted. So I offered her to swap pages with her.
Prompt: Describe in one word how you entered/started this year 2012. Express this word on your art journal page.

Prompt: Something I did in 2011 that I certainly will do/have to do again in 2012.

Second set of art journal pages.
Prompt: Journal about peace. Express this word on your art journal page.

On this page is about a favourite scene of a favourite fairy tale. I like Cinderella at the moment she runs and looses her shoe. The pumpkin is not just an ordinary pumpkin as you know:-)

The last set of this swap; on the first page I express what home means to me. Not only a place where you feel safe, but where you are safe, where you smile and where you are not harmed; the place where you are happy. On this page I did some journaling. I prefer journaling on a art journal page, but I submit that it doesn't always feel comfortable to do so knowing I will not keep the page. Or I would journal on the page as I did on the next and paint over it to cover the whole journal part.

The last page expresses what animal I would like to be or my expression of my totem animal. I admire the strength of the bison, buffalo. They protect their life and I just love their fierce body. My comparison to the bison is that I endeavor a lot of happenings crossing my path, but I gather the strength from somewhere to keep going on; solving problems, smiling back to life to go on☺

Two art journal pages for the montlhy swap @ milliande. I don't really have a favourite quote; I read quotes, like them, but rarely know them by heart. So once again I used a quote of Yogi Tea on this art journal page.

This page is about promises (broken or kept). I do not like to promise a lot, but I think one can not live without promising someone something. Even if it is a small promise as I'll call you later, I'll check it our for you. And these small promises can easily be forgotten. It occurs that I am late with these small promises and I also believe that I have forgotten a promise, but I hope that I never did any one harm for not keeping such a promise. The birds on the branch symbolize the kept promises; the bird in cage symbolizes the broken promise. But hey, life is still a journey isn't it? So a broken or kept promise, make the best of life♥