Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sea life and flower art journal pages

My last uploads for today. Hope I uploaded all the projects of the last two months:-)) Here two paintings made on 5x7" mixed media paper. There were not themes or prompts; the pages are based on the profiles of those I had to sent to. Wish I could keep them .... no time to overdo, so they're sent!

This first page is based on sea life. I love how this sea horse looks ... does she has an attitude??hehehe...
Used: acrylic paints, tow bow markers, Copic multiliner.

The second page is based on flowers. The sun hasn't show us much of its strength, so here a sunflower. It's just me hoping for a bit warmer weather☺
Used media: acrylic paints, paint dabber, prisma color pencils.


  1. I was looking for sea life for my daughters classroom and ran across this seahorse it is sooooooooo cute i hope you don't mind me using it for ideas for my painting. Just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I learn a lot from the internet. So it is an honour if you like my idea. Please link to my blog for credits;-)


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