Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art journal pages for Rhelda, Karen and Debs

The art journal pages I made for the Round Robins @ milliande and dolldreams. Rhelda couldn't stay and join the RR and one participant came with the idea to create pages for her. So her my two pages for Rhelda, wishing her strength in these days.

For the first RR at dolldreams I created this page for Karen. It was the last art journal to receive in this RR. The page is based on a project in one of the workshops named "Azulita". So, closing this project with a smile and grateful for all the art journals in which I could play in and see all the fabulous works of the wonderfull participants. Thanks to all the ladies and the host Tania.

The Round Robin, now going on, is the Round Robin based on the workshop Doll Dreams Basic. I was the first to work in Debs art journal. Suddenly I went for a fairy, which is, I think, not part of the DD Basic workshop, but well ...... that is what came up and that is it going to be☺ I am very, very proud of this page.


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