Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood for postcrossing

I have been away for a while. Life certainly has its own way to get attention:-)) Family matters and for that I left The Netherlands for two weeks to visit my home country Surinam. It was so good to be there and in the second week I could enjoy my staying there besides all sadness.

Well, then back here and there are projects waiting to be done. I took two projects with me with the intention to finish in and mail them from Surinam. I took some material with me, not much, and I assumed I could find the rest there. A nice wish, but matte acrylic paint isn't easy to get here in The Netherlands; so how did I ever think of finding it easy in Surinam?? So finally I finished my handmade art journal (I was so busy to make the book, so I could send it that I forgot to take any pictures!), but in Surinam they sent packages two days in a week. Normal post/mail daily. As I had to return to The Netherlands the week before the day they would send, I just returned to The Netherlands with my art journal to mail here. That gave me the chance to sent the art journal three days earlier. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Busy organizing and still not in my daily rhythm ... but I'll catch up☺

There are some projects I want to show off here, but still organizing .... Today I created a postcard for a girl/lady who wears a red-hooded cape like the Little Red Riding Hood and now she is called Red Riding Hood; funny I thought and as I created a chunky page with this theme, the idea arise to make her a handmade postcard. Here it is.

I left the card simple as shown here to keep the attention on the girl. I hope she'll like the postcard. Medium used: cardboard (an old package from something once bought), Copic multiliner, acrylic paints, Prismacolor pencils, Uni Signo white gelpen and a rubber stamp. I used the rubber stamp to make the back similar as an ordinary postcard. I'll have to remember to post a picture to give you an idea. All of my postcards look like an ordinary postcard on the back. Does that make my postcard a real postcard? What is a real postcard by the way??? Does anyone know the answer?

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