Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easter fairy, flower fairy .... a peek on my projects

So many kinds of fairies. I love fairy tales, but I don't believe fairies exist. It is a lot of fun, though, drawing and painting these creatures. They are part of our literature and it is so funny to see how human imagine about how fairies look like. We imagine a lot about fairies.... How they dress, how they move ... and they always seems to have something sweet, peaceful on their appearance. I am open minded and just enjoy these moments of creating them in my art journal.

I just forgot to take pictures before sending my art journal to Australia. So all I have at the moment are these pictures of my unfinished pages. These pages are all finished now. The pages art part of my Flower Fairy art journal in a Round Robin, so of course the pages are finished and beautiful and sent to Australia. Well, after a couple of months I expect it to return back to me:))

This time I decided to bind my journal afterwards. How did I sent my journal? Well, it is a package of pages, cut out of a Canson mix media XL acrylic block. I made the covers out of cardboard. Back and front of the cardboard has a fairy on it. For this journal we only use Tom bow markers. But I am a bit stubborn and I used (had to) acrylic paint for the Christmas fairy at the inside of the back cover. Well, I don't have any red and white Tom bow and I just wanted her dress to be red and white. Hopefully I will be forgiven:))

Front cover of my Flower Fairy art journal.

Inside of front cover
Not so glad with the face of my Easter fairy, but after she was coloured her face lightened up.

Inside back cover

My coloured Christmas fairy

Back cover: Flower fairy in black & white. Some gray dabbed in the core of the large flowers.

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