Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some other works 1

Here some projects I have done. Most of these projects I started before the summer, but are finished through the time. Acrylics seems to be my favourite medium at the time. But I just started and I am still learning. Not to talk/write a lot .... here are the pics.
The pics of the drawings are posted here. And I said I will post the finished page. So here it is!

My small Moleskine art journal is the moleskine I work in most of the time. I started to work in my A4 moleskine as well, but I am going slowly. Here pictures of my first page in my small Moleskine. Of course, you will see my dollies and that what I have learned at dolldreams.ning. I added a close u so you can see at least some of the small details. Please enjoy ....

Some other pages in my small moleskine. 
This page is not finished yet, as you can see.

These pages are finished. Just pages I created as how I felt at the time journaling. Thank you for visiting my blog. Please leave a comment and feel free to ask questions about my topics:-)

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  1. Love the first one with red background!You're good!

    PS:I'm Margotfaerie on Swapbot for the "Blog Swap"!


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