Sunday, September 4, 2011

I did not forgot my blog ....

No, I did not. But vacation was coming, then it was vacation .... so I just enjoyed my spare time. My oldest daughter, Michelle and I went to Italy and we had an amazing time together.

Another amazing thing is that I created a canvas painting!! It is the first canvas painting I ever created and I wanted to keep it. It is such a beautiful art piece. I love the dollies I learn to make at dolldreams, so most of my dollies will have those amazing big dollz eyes! Some pics for you to see my art ... the final piece.

A close up of the beautiful big eyes.

Special about this painting is that I made the canvas board and it is a mix media painting. I can not say where this painting is going to. Otherwise it is not a surprise for the person who has to recieve it and the chance of her reading my blog is there. 

 Another piece I created: an owl decorated hanging postcard. New for me is making the postcard a hanging one. I have made a lot of postcard, so that is not a new thing to me. But drawing and painting the postcard was something I have not done before. It was a real challenge, believe me. Here is the postcard:

This card is also sent to someone. She obviously is expecting a hanging postcard! I did put a dollie on the card, I had to .... It is another mix media product and the beaded necklace is for the hanging of the card.

It is really fun to use different mediums to create. The creator decides which medium will be used and how the art journal page will look like. Love the unlimited idea of creativity and medium!

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