Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very, very beautiful doll dream page for Ana

How is your Sunday? We are having a nice Sunday here. About 14.00 o'clock we saw tiny little snow flocks. It stopped, so no white view. I had to work in the art journal from Ana from the dolldreams Round Robin. Last night I started drawing the doll. Today I continued the drawing, but when I had to draw her hair I hesitated which style I would do her hair. Should I gave her long whimsy hair or something else ..... See at the picture how she came out! I LOVE her, but I can't torn the page of someone's art journal????? Bad girl ...:-( I truly love this page; maybe it is the best to separate asap?!?!? Yes, that's the best thing to do. So tomorrow I will mail her to the next person who has to do her part in this RR.

Very proud of this product and separating of this page with pain in my heart. I hope you like it, Ana. Enjoy!♥


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