Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art journal pages

It has been a few days and I wanted to give you a glimpse of my entry in the last journal of the 15 artists, 15 journals, 15 months Round Robin I worked in. I am not so satisfied with the pictures, but it gives you a peek of the page.
First page

Second page

The double page in one sight

At the moment I have no journals. Looking forward to the next to work in.

Two more art journal pages for the monthly art journal page swap I join at milliande.ning. The prompts of the month January are:
- One Word. Choose a word for 2012. A word that you might associate with some changes you would like to make
Chupacabra. An interesting prompt, especially for those who appreciate "darker" subject matters.
Before this prompt I can't remember I ever heard of a chupacabra. Click the name if you would like to know what it is:-))

One word


Have a nice Sunday☺

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