Monday, February 27, 2012

Tag swap @ dolldreams

And again, a finished project .... ehhhhh, I mean finished projectS! Yes projectS, because I had to make seven tags for seven partners! Now, I usually do not join swaps in which I have to make more than two projects. That's is too much for me ..... I just like to make one to two projects in a swap. What went wrong then? Well, afterwards I think I did not read the discussion well or forgot to ask how many tags we supposed to make. Nevertheless, the tags are ready and I had a wonderful time with this challenge. Sunday I went for the challenge; sadly enough two of the tags were damaged after I put a layer of beeswax on them. At night yesterday I started the drawings for these two tags. Today I finished them and I am so satisfied. Enjoy!!


  1. Your faces are always wonderful.

  2. Thank you, Mary. It was a real challenge to make seven tags in a row... and I am satisfied♥


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