Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quiet Sunday

It is a quiet day and it feels so good on this day to reach for my creativity. Two art journal pages were produced today. I had to make an art journal page with the prompt "peace". This is how I expressed the word peace on a 5x7" cardstock.

I love this page so, so much that I grabbed my large Moleskine art journal to create a similar art journal page. There are some differences though: the wings, the dress, some decorations and the size of the pages. In my Moleskine I create a double spread. Love how it turned out and I also feel really good about this page.

A last treat, another page made a week ago in my large Moleskine. I love the blended colours. The ornament (on the right) is adhered with versamark ink and distress powder and the butterfly is a wooden butterfly; does it makes this page a 3D page?☺


  1. Peaceful it is... a serene and gentle spread- lovely!! x

  2. I am glad you see the peace in her face. Thank you, Kalona!


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