Saturday, May 4, 2013

Refill your Zig 2 way glue pen

Did you know you can ... yes, you can!, refill your Zig 2 way glue pen??? Really, you can. I am talking about the squeeze & roll glue pen. Wait, I'll take picture of the Zig 2 way glue squeeze & roll pen.

I love use the glue pens, because there so easy to use on small paper. And I only use them on smalll paper, which I often have to use when making cards, ATC'S (not making ATC's for a while), little gems, etc. There easy to use, since there is less spoiling glue.

As you see this pen has a barrel filled with the blue, typical Zig Memory System glue. My pen run dry and I immediately thought of buying a new glue pen. But it was weekend, then. And that is when my mind went on a creative tour. I told my youngest daughter that I probably can refill the barrel. You can't see it on the picture, but my pen, my barrel is filled with white Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over glue.

What do you need to refill this glue pen?
An old, empty Zig 2 way glue  squeeze & roll pen
Some Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over.

There are a lot of youtube video's showing how to water down the Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over, so I don't have to explain that. Please head over and look for a good vid. Talking about video's; I'll make a video on how to refill your Zig 2 way glue squeeze & roll pen.

I have my Aleene's in a kind of jam bottle. It may be tricky to unscrew the top of the pen. But don't give up; clean the nib and unscrew. Be careful! You don't want to break the screw system.

After opening the barrel you'll noticed it can be refilled. Refill the barrel, but DO NOT refill the barrel to the top! Close the barrel with the nib and tighten the nib on the barrel. Another caution!!! Don't squeeze to hard, the glue is liquid!! So take care when tightening and squeezing!! Your Zig glue pen is ready to reuse:-)

My motto: recycle whatever you can!!

I wondered if the other glue pen systems can be refilled. My daughter has an answer, but can it be done? I don't know and I already have thrown away the empty glue pens. Thinking ... thinking ... I'll be back!

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