Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flower fairy

The sun is shining ... still a fresh wind, but such a beautiful day:-) Thursday we made a trip to Rotterdam; we returned very exhausted at home. One participant of the Flower Fairy round robin, Trish, never got her art journal back. It got lost in snail mail. At her request I sure want to make her a Flower Fairy art journal page. I hope she will receive enough pages to make an art journal. I still had to start this page for her. Just thinking how and what. I made this drawing on Wednesday night; my hand just flew over the watercolour paper. In one attempt and I was very, very satisfied. I even wondered if I would send this out.... but I created it for my partner and I will send it out. Yesterday I did the colouring. I used Tombow markers and Stampin' Up markers. The Stampin' Up markers were used for the finishing touch. The Tombow markers for the majority of the colouring. I doodled on the page and I'm in love with this Flower Fairy:-)

Aren't these very nice pictures? We have a tremendous sun shining and maybe the good light helped me a lot:-) Love the pictures!! I hope you like the Flower Fairy, Trish!?

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