Saturday, May 4, 2013

A new digital image

This is an awesome digital stamp! I just ran up the website and I love the girls. And of course I just wanted to colour this stamp. Well, here is the card. It is quite bigger than the 4,5x5,5 inch card. But I must say that working on a somewhat larger scale is more pleasant:-)

Coloured with Copic markers. The challenge was colouring blonde hair. I used the Y21, YR23 and E35 combination. A good outcome and I love it. I forgot to write the numbers of the markers I used, but let's see if I can recall. E000, 0000, 00, 02, 11, R24, B60, 63,66, 93, 95 an Y08. I forgot to colour the ribbon in her hair, hihi...

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