Monday, June 18, 2012

So busy,so... so tired!!!

No post in April and my first post in June!!! What's going on??? In April I heard terrible news and had to travel instantly to Surinam. My family lives in Surinam, yes, I'm born in Surinam. It felt good to be 'home' again, but the tragic story did not made us feel good. Still it felt good to be with my family again and mourn the tragic. So, no post in April.

June .... well, June has it's own story. I had to study a lot, so first things first, right? Beside studying I took time to create some projects for myself as for swaps (such as the round robins @ doll dreams, postcrossing and swap-bot). I had no art journals of the round robin @ millliande ... lurking and waiting☺
Unfortunately there was not time to do any mailart, but will in the end of June or in July. I did received some nice mailart from people I do not know; just random senders; like it!! Here a post of my work in the art journal of Angela. I started and could not stop until finished! I am satisfied and I hope the owner will be too☺

I will tell more about the process of my projects in my posts. A bit interesting and also for readers to see and know what medium, technique I used. Never done it before, so please ... no judging, but I would like to learn, so please comment☺

No special techniques in this painting. I dabbed the background of the page with light blue acrylic. Then I added the stamps. First I painted the face, but that was a failure. To safe the doll I colored her face with the pencils. I really, really had to safe the damaged face:-(( It was a relief to see the changes and I can say that her face coloring is nice☺ Added color to the hair and finished the coloring of the balloons, flowers and the journal space. The quotes are from yogi tea (with their permission☺)

Used medium: acrylic paint dabber, acrylic paint, Uni Signo white gelpen, Prisma color pencils, acrylic stamps, rubber stamp, patterned paper, gems.


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