Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, not much to say about these projects. Most of them are for swaps, sent and all.

For some pages I use quotes from Yogi Tea. It's a delicious tea and I love it! Every teabag has a quote and I love their quotes. I thought it would be a nice idea to use their quotes for my projects. With permission of Yogi Tea to use their quotes in my projects. Thank you Yogi Tea for your permission♥

These pages are made for a 5x7" doll dreams swap. I make most of my 5x7" out of the packages of our cereal boxes. Not always do I care to add gesso first; the card stock is strong enough to carry the paint and even the water when I wet the paintbrush. I'll add a layer of gesso when I definitely do not want to see the colour of the card stock.

A last project to share with you: a handmade postcard. This lady loves rats!! Yes, she loves rats, so I thought to draw and paint her a rat. Well, tell me if it looks like a rat. My daughter thinks it still looks too cute to be a rat:))

And I remember that I once again forgot to scan the back of the postcard to show you what the back of my postcard looks like. Well, three times is ...... I guess I will not forget it for the third time ..... will be continued, hehehe♥

Enjoy your Saturday:-D


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