Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh, there is one more project to share with you

A short post .... I have to post this! A while ago I drew Alice in Wonderland for an ATC swap. Well, I like ATC's, but it is not something I do a lot :-D It is nice to play on a small card sometimes, but I prefer a bit bigger piece of paper to create. Once in a while I'll take part in a swap. As in this one, I was asked for a personal swap. This was the ATC I produced. I kept the original drawing, since I drew it large and planned to color it once.

Well, yesterday was the once. I took my Copic marker box (will do a post on this) and started. To color the background I used acrylic paints. I had to mix some paints to get a certain color and I had to use a lot of strange movements to get this look. Awkward moment, realizing I am not an artist ... lol... So it turned out a mixed media project. The drawing is done on marker paper (not the Copic brand). So the acrylic paint is also done on this marker paper. Yes, the paper took the paint and withstand my playing with paint on it. I did not used a lot of water. In fact, I only dipped the point of the brush in water, now and then, to let the paint flow a bit better.

And a fact is, I don't want to be an artist .... I just want to play .... with less rules .... make what I like ...., but enjoying myself☺

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