Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purple Owl Tree, doodle flower

That is the theme of Rachel's art journal. She started very nice and I wondered what kind of page I could create. Of course my hands were itching to draw a dolly, but then I changed my mind. It can't be seen on the picture, but the girl has some cute gold curls in her hair. On different places there are nice glitters added with atyouSpica. I will not type a lot; see for yourself. I like the page very, very much. It is so what whimsical and that is in one line with my feelings right now. Nothing too serious, because life already is:-3 I am entering two pages in Rachel's journal. The second page is almost finished and a photo will be uploaded.

A doodle flower I draw and coloured last year. Quite awake one night and it was hard to fall asleep. I just grabbed my Moleskine and draw/coloured this flower. Not to see on the picture but it has nice glitters added with atyouSpica.

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