Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black & white Madness chunky pages

Chunky pages are fun to make. These are 4x4 inch pages and as the name says, I chunk or embellish the pages with ribbon, charms or cute chains. At the moment I like projects that do not take a lot of time. I made six pages. For the Black & white Madness 4x4 chunky page swap I created four pages to exchange. Two pages are for myself. After this swap I'll sort all chunky pages to see if I have enough for a nice chunky book to bind. If I have enough pages I will stop making these pages for a while and concentrate on art journals and paintings. After all, I wanted to try these pages out and collect some pages for one chunky book. And I am not a collector of all kinds of things...

It was fun to make, so I made two pages to keep.

Good news, good news!! My daughter just came in with the mail of today. I received two beautiful art journal pages from Mary@milliande (UK):-) The prompts for the month December are:
* Tis the season to be...
* My wish/dream/goal for the new year is...

Thanks a lot, Mary!


  1. Wow, these chunkies are pretty awesome! I am envious!

    Your blog is wonderful and I had a fun time browsing it! I look forward to more updates!!

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (6) swap

    1. Thank you, .s.e. You're welcome to visit as much as you like:-3

  2. Wow these are awesome. I'm a scrapbooker and card maker but I'm so do not have enough talent to make some of these. They are amazing! That flower is gorgeous!

    ~J3ss1ca 1

    1. Hi Jessica, also a scrapbooker and card maker here:-) The first time trying these was last year, in Novembre. And I amaze myself. Never thought I could make the things I do now.... Thank you for your nice comment and hope to see you again:-)


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