Monday, January 16, 2012

Another swap, an ATC

Hello everyone, I haven't made ATC's for a while. But then someone approached me for a swap. This lady (USA), very sweet in her communications, likes Alice in Wonderland. Not into ATC's now, but could I draw Alice? Should I try? She told me I could make whatever I want. Challenges, challenges ......
I wondered if I could draw Alice, maybe not a look-a-like, but a bit close. Hmmmm, I wondered, got paper and started. I knew I would colour her with Copic markers, so I drew her on large Copic marker paper - size A3-, had to minimize her .... it should be the size for an ATC (2,5x3,5 inch)! As you can imagine: the journey started already !

Ever imagined Alice in Wonderland with big dolls eyes? Well, here she is. She has no eyelashes, because as small as she is on the ATC, the eyelashes may predominate her face. Satisfied with her body or pose, yes!, well her face ..... at least I have my own Alice in Wonderland:-) And I love the cat, so cute. 

The original will be coloured and will conquer a place in a large art journal, once .....


  1. Love Comment Blog ♥ (6)

    love your blog it is very nice and so beatiful colors. hopefully i am doing this right :-)


  2. Love Comment Blog ♥ (6) *Angel swap* Piimanyx
    Hello, this is for the swap. I'm sorry for the partners yanelis2012. (which had All the same leave one comments).
    I find your ATC on Alive in wonderfull very very nice. I love stamp over.


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