Monday, December 19, 2011

Living and keeping a blog ....

Life is beautiful! And sometimes life wants to rule human. But we humans have to withstand, don't we? So here I am again, after some busy days and much more busy days to come. I enjoyed those days, each with its own difficulties. Those difficult moments are hard to imagine, but I embrace them every time I survive. With a smile and new experiences I continue living my life:-)

I joined a second Round Robin at This RR is already making its big world tour. From The Netherlands to the United Kingdom to the United States of America (muliple times and multiple times) and to Australia. Can you imagine? Of course I like to share some pictures with you. Any questions about techniques and other questions are welcome. I will be a pleasure to answer (if possible) and it will be a pleasure to talk to you. We have a wonderful blog, where you can read about the journeys of the 16 art journals in this Round Robin and also read the messages of the 16 artist. Each of these artist are wonderful, supportive and lovely ladies. Just click the links and you'll find out more!

The cover

My art journal has a double cover. The picture, above, is the extended backcover. So the pic here under is in fact the front cover. As you see in the picture above, the front cover is covered by the backcover. Did I explained it clear enough?

The first page >> welcome word

The second page >> for the artists to enter their name, brief message or whatever they feel to express.
We are a group of 16 artist (yes, yes, was 17, but life showed us that 16 artist can be marvelous!). So there are labels for each artist to express themselves on this pages. I love to read what each artist expressed after my RR is back in my possession.

Third page

My fourth entry in this art journal.

The fifth page
An invitation to the artist to express themselves once again. This pages gives the artist more space to express themselves in messages or whatever they feel like.

The last page in my art journal saying it was a long journey, but smiling when thinking of the next journey to come. Life is beautiful, isn't it?

The inside of my back cover. So this is the inside of the extended backcover (see picture 1 a.k.a. the cover). When closed you'll see the cover (picture 1).

This post was also a journey. I enjoyed it! Now it is time to go to work. As all of you, I have a long day ahead. I will be back today with one or two post. There is so much to show you; projects I have worked on.
So see you later ♥

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