Sunday, December 25, 2011

25th December projects

Spending precious time with my daughters and we have lots of laughs. I enjoy this first Christmas day. The peking duck is in the oven, and there is still greens to cook. In the meanwhile I finished a canvas painting I made for my daughter, Michelle. I started this painting two months ago and I did not want to end this year without finishing it. The painting was nearly finished and there were just some little things to do, such as painting the shirt, the guitar and the finishing touch. Relief, that is how I feel right now!

I also made two birthday postcards for two ladies who will have their birthday in January. The cards are a mixed media product and are made with matt acrylic paints, modelling paste, markers, ink, rubber and acrylic stamps. I always make my postcards sturdy enough. One pc has one gem in the middle of the flower and the other pc has three gems. The back of my postcards is pretty much as a normal postcard with or without lines to write. These pc will be sent naked.


  1. That painting is great! Well worth the hard work.

    And those birthday cards are really lovely! I hope the receivers have great days!

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (6) swap

  2. Those b-day cards came out really well. I very much love the look of the first one. The technique you used on the first one is interesting. I love the colors.

    ~J3ss1ca 3


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