Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping an art journal

Finally I get to my art journal. I kept a journal, but would love to do more in it. What kept me from it is me thinking I can not draw or do art. But I learned that anything I want to create is art for me. It is not meant for others untill I will publish it. But I had to find something to give me that confidence. In my search I found the art of doll dreams. Doll dreams is art made by Adriana. I love those dolls, the look you can create on their faces. I also discovered that she gives workshops. So up I went to her blog, flickr, youtube channel and finally I found her doll dreams ning network. And ..... of course I joined. My former ATC's are made after seeing the first video's and pdf's and much more. So my opinion has changed; I can draw and make my own art! And I would like to share my progress with you.

This is just a sketch book. I would not wait the Moleskine I ordered:)) THis sketch book is good for practicing. Although I have to say these pages will not be destroyed. I'll keep this sketchbook as an art journal. Watch the video here under to see what I created up to now!!!

The pages are kind of thin. But I adhere old newspaper or other paper to the pages. Then I add gesso to the pages and I am ready to go: draw, paint, use prismacolor pencils and so on.... Hey, that is called mixed media, yeahhhh!

No courage yet to draw arms or hands, hehehe ... funny, but no ugly arms or hands for me:)

I am waiting for my Moleskine art journal. So what you see here are my first official trials. Love to do it and play with alll kinds of mediums. The freedom to play with whatever glue, paper, paint, pencils, markers, drawings, book, embellishment is immense. Just mix your mediums = mixed media. You should try it!


  1. you definitely have drawing talent... don't give up. I am a mixed media artist, and I struggle with the same feelings of doubt about my abilities. I could not draw a near true to life hand or foot to save my life, but I have learned that it doesn't matter if I am technically trained. thing is, creating art is fun, therapeutic, and rewarding in so many ways if you are open to it. good luck with your art journal.

    -- eveyinorbit from swapbot.

  2. I really like your blog, it is very honest and creative. I look forward to reading more and following you. Your work is so beautiful and I am no where that good but I might just try my hand at that link so thank you very much for the tip.
    Nasreen from swap-bot


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