Saturday, June 11, 2011

First bloggers post

Welcome to my blog ...

My first time to post on my blog and I wish I knew what to write. My head just went blank ... Do you recognize this? Hmmm, I did some greeting cards in the past, which I will post. Other things I like to lay my hands on are scrapbooking, ATC cards, handmade postcards, drawing and coloring in my journal book, and two weeks ago I started with a basic class to learn how to draw beautiful doll dreams. Making soap and making body cream are other handcrafts that I like to do (no, not making soap constantly, smile). So I will post about my creations. That's also a treat for my followers. I will just post some creations. It is nice if you visit and let me know what you think; so please to leave a kind message. Great ideas are also welcome, let us share. Lucine

A beautiful stamp coloured with copic sketch and ciao markers. When I made this card I had 12 copic ciao markers. Now I have over 30; I now choose for copic sketch markers. I love the combination of the colours. I purchased the rubber stamp a while ago on line (from the USA).

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