Sunday, March 12, 2017

Put a definition on it

I created this postcard and included a definition somewhere in the design. I used my printer and printed the definition. The definition means a lot to me. The definition:

en•vi•ron•ment (ĕn-vīˈrən-mənt, -vīˈərn-)

n.             The combination of external physical
conditions that affect and influence the growth,
development, and survival of organisms.

First I painted orange acrylic paint over the gesso, leaving some areas white (gesso). Then I dabbed acrylic paints with a crushed piece of plastic bag over the orange layer. I recycled a note card by cutting the birds out of the card. Finally I doodles here and there on the postcard.

card board
printer paper
acrylic paint dabbers ~ orange, soft pink
folkart acrylic paint ~ peony
su flower punch
ctmh exclusive inks ~ black

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