Saturday, March 4, 2017

Art journal page ~ green

The theme for this art journal page is green. For many american's this month is all about the colour green. We do not celebrate st. patrick's day in europe, but this swap gives me the opportunity to create with the colour green.

For me the colour green represents all flora and fauna with or without the colour green. Trees are green, alive and it is the reason why we are alive. There is a group of mankind that only know how to destroy. Everything they touch is being destroyed, not thinking about humans who need trees, nature the whole universe to live. Without any remorse the SUN is now being blocked, preventing the SUN to reach Mother Earth, trees, animals, the sea, humans.

No, there is not a thing as global warming or whatever. The heating is primarily coming from the nuclear waste buried under the ground. The Earth is cooking with that nasty stuff under the ground. Another thing is the raping and stealing of minerals from the Earth. Gold, diamond, oil, whatever these greedy idiots want, not caring about the fact that the Earth is always in motion. If you pull a part anywhere, it will have an effect. Nature reacts on these changes.

There are mankind destroying humans, Mother Earth and even the universe! The warming up of the globe is the Creator clearing up what does not belong here. Nature and the forces are doing their work, cleaning up, which is much needed. Synthetic stuff created for no one knows why, the cutting of trees to write a lot of nonsense called books, books with a lot of lies, money, fiction, strips, horror stories .... please!

Then they created weapons and now they are creating the most dangerous weapons and robots. One must be real evil to even think about such dangerous things. Why would anyone would make weapons??? Who invented wars? Who are always in wars, constantly creating chaos and hate?? If you really behave like humans what of whom are you so afraid of??? It has to stop! It all has to go, these things are not necessary to live or to be happy. It is sad to see how mankind made so many garbage calling it art or pretend to need that garbage to live a happy life:(( There was and is no peace for hundred years, makes one think where do these troublemakers come from?

Okay, a rant that I probably had to let out:)

So my journaling on this art journal pages says: trees

aquarel block 170 gr/m²
patterned card stock
designer paper
designer card stock
torn magazine page
golden matte gel medium
acrylic paint dabber ~ light blue, dark green
marabu acrylic paint ~ olive green antique green, sap green, yellow green
hobby line ~ orange, may green, cobalt blue
julie nutting doll
julie nutting wings
finecolour markers
copic sketch markers
gelato ~ green, searmint, pistachio, lime, margaritan mix
faber castell pitt ~ dark phthalo green, leaf green, caput mortuum
faber castell artist pen ~ black
at you spica gel pen ~ melon
cutting die ~ cups
cutting die ~ doilie
ctmh exclusive inks ~ black
whiff of joy clear stamp ~ background stamp
clear stamps ~ flags, circle
rub on ~  butterflies
pearl pen ~ dark green
nail art

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