Friday, February 3, 2017

Bright and colorful hand drawn ATC

I have to create one hand drawn ATC. The only requirement is it must be bright and colourful. I used copic markers. I have to say that I love the finecolour markers more than the copic markers, because they are very juicy and have a wide range of nice colours:) I also used my finecolours pigment liners (0.2, 0.5 and brush). These finecolours pigment liners are awesome. I had no smearing at all! I finished the ATC with my uni-ball signo white gelpen. This ATC is drawn and coloured on Hema postcard card stock.

Well, I have made a terrible mistake yesterday and enclosed the small envelope in which I tucked this ATC in, in another package that I had to send. So a company will receive this ATC. They will wonder what the hack to do with this piece. Will they see it as art? I have no idea;)) But I don't think I will receive this ATC back:( I did sent them an email in which I ask them to send the envelope back. Will they do that? Another no idea, here:)) I created another ATC, just like this one, but as you know: no handmade piece is the same. I will add pictures of the ATC I had to remake to this blog post tomorrow.

The remake:


  1. Hello Lucine,

    This is a great and inspiring blog you have, i love the different things you make. I'm going to try some of your ideas and i assigned to your emails. I like the colorfull theme of your crafts. Regards Tanja

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