Friday, July 8, 2016

Digital images with twin markers

Images from Kenny K downloads, bought years ago and coloured with twin markers (bought a month ago) and copic markers. These twin markers have no brand and were sold for € 0,95 per three markers! There were six packages and I ended up with eighteen twin markers. Yes, I do not suppose to buy more markers! I have to work with what I already have and as I did, I will:))

1 pink # 5, 8, 14
2 purple # 82, 83, 86
3 green # 47, 53, 59
4 blue # 74, 75, 76
5 yellow # 33, 34, 45
6 turquoise # 61, 64, 67

They do the job, but there is a gap in the colour collection. The yellow collection is good and blends well. The purple, green, red, blue collection have a colour gap, which can make blending a little difficult.

Clothes coloured with twin markers; hair and shoes with copic markers. Pink cheeks > copic marker R20.

I love how the three yellows of the twin markers blend well.

Clothes coloured with copic markers.

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