Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Journal tags

Journal tags are a nice addition to your scrapbook, art journal page or smash book. Smash books are so in, but a lot of my scrapbook pages look more like smash pages. That's why I never thought about buying a smash book I kind of like the idea to create my scrapbook any way I want; so no need for a special smash book. I do like the idea, though. And I love how they make so many different journal tags to play with. I always loved to keep certain receipt, tickets and other ephemera to memoir those beautiful days. I got quite a lot of free journal tags from the internet, printed and cut them out.

The 4x6 inches journal tags can be a bit too big; I like the smaller 3x4 inches journal tags.

I made a couple by using wallpaper. I adhered wallpaper to card stock and I used washi tape to decorate the tags.

Notecards and a bookmark for a swap. Every item had to have a positive quote.

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  1. This is gorgeous...I haven't done any crafting like this in a long time and the tons of material I have has been gathering dust...this inspires me to get back into it: quick, easy 'n fun!
    NadaGenovefa (SB: FM 15)


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