Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Handmade art journal

It is such a big difference between making a card and making an art journal page. I realized that when I'm making a card I want it to be very neat and clean; while working on an art journal page the roughness is beautiful and soooo welcome☺

Okay, I am participating in another swap in which we send art journals to other participants (round robin). So every month we'll be notified who our partner, the person we have to send the art journal too, is. I like the idea of course, because the journal is going to travel and different persons will add their creation to my journal.

So I worked on my art journal book to send the world around. The journal must have at least twenty pages. I have to create two pages. I really want twenty participants to create in my journal, so I added one page extra and worked on both sides. I also added two recipes cards for the participants to add there name/info and the round of the swap in which it was their turn to work in my journal. I hope my journal will make a safe trip and of course I hope to get my journal back.

I worked on the front and back covers. The covers are from thick card board; it is card board I received when I ordered something and I know it is good card board, so I didn't throw it away. Getting the benefit of it now☺A card with a welcome word is added and a card with my address on both sides. So the journal has my address in case we loose track of my journal and someone wants to return my journal to me. The pages in the journal are pages from my Canson mixed media block. So the pages are sturdy enough for any kind of crafty ideas. No stitching this time; I used my book binding tool 'the Cinch' and added rings to bind my book. Sharing pictures of my art journal with you.


Inside front cover

My two pages

Inside back cover


  1. I love your art journal... you are so creative! I'd love to tray making an art journal or a junk journal, too, but I really don't know where and how to begin.

    H2OBaby (Follow Me #15 - Swap-bot)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment! I was in your stage once, but I just started. There are so many tutorials out there on the internet. Just start and see if you're successful at the challenge☺

  3. Oh wow...! I've been dying to make one but I just never seem to have time :( Pretty much it's me not sitting down and *making* time! This is lovely though - so inspiring!

    NadaGenovefa FM15


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