Sunday, March 24, 2013

Round Robins coming to an end

I participate in three Round Robins. Two returned home safely. They were part of the RR coordinated on milliande (15 artist, 15 journal, 15 months) and the second one on Doll Dreams (Doll Dreams Basic Round Robin art journal swap). I am so glad with the addition of those who participated and I thank them for the beautiful pages in my art journals. It is such an amazing idea of my art journal travelling from The Netherlands to the UK to the USA and to Australia. My art journal went to those countries that I would like to visit once:-)) Still one art journal travelling around ~ the Flower Fairy art journal ~. It will soon be back home. Here my contribution to two Flower Fairies art journals. These journals will be travelling back to the United States. Have a nice Sunday!

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