Sunday, March 10, 2013

Handmade envelopes

Whenever I can I recycle envelopes or make them. These were made with patterned paper from a cheap block of patterned paper, but really sturdy for envelopes. The pink envelope is made out of heavy paper, thicker than the patterned paper. On the back I decorated the envelope with a scrap piece of patterned paper of the same block. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the back of the envelope. Turned out very beayutiful ^_^

I think these are the last cards that I have. I added a sentiment under the word Accessorize. Now they are postcards. You can also see the back of one of the postcards. 

Another postcard, but this is a recycled one. I did quite a few recycled postcard in the past and I use card board for the back or coloured paper. This time I used coloured paper and I left the back blank so the receiver can use the postcard.

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