Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY foam stamps

Buying stamps to use when making handmade greeting cards, postcards or in your art journal can end in a very expensive investment. I have invested in quite a few rubber and clear stamps. Most of my clear stamps are the cheap ones I find in a local store. It is a lot and I now change my habit into using these stamps. Although I have quite a some stamps I never had the need to buy rubber stamps to use on my art journal. And the most of these stamps are larger and therefor expensive.

Now, there are so, so much tutorials on showing us how to make your own stamps. So I gave it a try! And it is done in minutes, especially if you make small stamps on a square of 3x3 inches. Well, I didn't measure my stamps; didn't see the need to measure. I have foam at home, so why not try it?? Here my collection DIY foam stamps. One tip: you don't have to make large stamps. I find smaller easier to use. Give it a try!!

I used Aleene's Tacky glue (watered down!) and some card stock from an empty Quaker Oats box. By the way: I used them as you can see and they do an awesome job! Check out my DIY stamps.

Two art journal pages for the monthly swap @ On the first page you'll see images of my DIY foam stamps.
Prompt first page: "All that glitters..." Create a page incorporating something that is shiny and glittery. 

Prompt second art journal page: Create a page inspired by one of your favourite seasonal traditions, songs or stories.

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