Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quick post

A quick post of projects created in the month August. Nothing special to talk about. There is a lot going on and I want to keep focused:-) I have some art journal pages. No handmade cards this time; I have my rubber stamps and card stock with me for a while, but I didn't make any progress. I had some postcards which I re-used by replacing the back of the postcard, but .... for me that is not really a handmade card. Quick post, hè?

These pages were a real challenge and you'll understand once you read the themes of these pages:-))

On this pages I had to exprss "Moon Magic: A Tribute to Cycle". Some traditional cultures have special names for the Moon: Grandmother, Mother or Maiden. The question was: "How does the Moon show her face in your life? Do you feel her presence in your life? Do you honour the Moon in her many aspects in some special way? If so, how?
Well, none of the above. I don't have special thoughts about the moon, to give a short answer. When talking about the moon I am more realistic, but I relate the Moon in some way with dreamtime. How??? Well, after the realistic talk, I just think: night, sleep ... dream .... simple as that.

The page is done in acrylic paints with lettering done with a white gelpen. The Moon has a light yellow colour and it is a 3D Moon, drawn on and cut out of card board.

This second page is based on a handmade stencil. Well, my stencil is a nice one, but it didn't do the trick on my page:-( So I used another (letter) stencil to pop the page up a bit. I still like the outcome, since the colour mixed nicely.

This was the first trial of the Moon prompt. I like it so much that I went on and on ... this page is a keeper. Good for my collection of AJ pages. I want to can bind all the pages I received in December, closing this year with a bunch of beautiful art journal pages. I hardly can wait! Used: card board, copic multi-liner acrylic paints, inkpad, prisma color pencils and a white gelpen.

Art journal page swap I host. First theme is to describe a place you have never been before, where would you go and why. The page speaks for itselfs, I think? Yes ...!☺

At last,with this prompt I had to write how I felt at the moment I created this page; colour over the journaling and create a black & white page.

Wish you goodnight and thank you for visiting. Your comments are welcome:-)

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