Thursday, September 27, 2012

Once again .... a quick post

Hello dear friends,

Posting on my blog was on my mind for several weeks. Time, time, time .... So again a quick one, more pics, less words☺

Created yesterday for a private swap, will be mailed today to the USA.

One participant did not send her pages to her partner. So I created these two pages for the partner, we call it 'angel' @ swap-bot.

These 5x7 art journal pages will be sent to Australia today.
Prompt: Reap or Sow (Harvest - Plant) ~~ It is coming to the time of year where we harvest what we have tended... or sow in the hopes of a bountiful harvest  ~~ depending on where you reside in this wonderful world of ours. Create a page with this theme and incorporate doodle designs - use 'zendoodle' like designs as pattern/visual texture in your journal page.

Second prompt: 'The Wheel of Life' - create a page that reflects your interpretation of this concept or present the 'wheel' of your own life. What 'wheel' would best represent you?


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