Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nice combination: watching the Olympic games while making art journal pages

A beautiful Sunday, I hope for you too, and isn't it amazing to see how the whole world play, work, create and compete together? It is all mixed in the Olympic games.
Using words that are inspiring and meaningful to me is not easy to use as a theme for my art journal page. This time I used words related to my work. I like to draw faces, so inspired by the workshop of Natasha May I created my first page one and a half week ago. Not knowing how to proceed I left the page aside. Today I picked the page up and finished it with the following word as theme: love.

This second page is based on the word "trust". At dolldreams.ning Adriana gave a free workshop "Junk journal" to all members. A lot of members joined this workshop and a lot of beautiful journals were created. Using the techniques I learned at this workshop I created this page.

These pages are for Vicky (USA) for the Art journal page swap - prompt August, which I host @ I host these swaps monthly, started in February. It gives every participant the chance to collect two AJ pages each month to end up with a collection of twenty two art journal pages this year. These pages could be bound in a wonderful art journal containing different pages from people from different parts of the world. Great, isn't it??


  1. Visiting from the Art Blog Hop.

    What a great idea. I like the swimmer print.

  2. Thank you, Wendy! So glad you were here☺


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