Sunday, July 15, 2012

A journal page for Liz

The Round Robin at started with seventeen artist. Things happen in life and we are now with fifteen artists (I think). Sad enough one art journal (which is a very beautiful journal). We still wanted to maker her pages so she can bind and make her journal. I played on both sides so I created two art journal pages for her:-) I finished the page today and it will be mailed tomorrow and start its travel to the UK. So this page will travel around the world before being united with Liz. Here is my page for Liz.

A real mixed media creation and I can't remember all the medium I used. Some of the media I can recall: acrylic paints, gold foil, ink pads, stencils, prisma watercolor pencils, glimmer mist, etc.

The theme of Liz' journal is "Lyrics" coming from her love for Soul Blues. My lyric is from the song of the famous singer Mavis Staples "In times like these" ~ In times like these we need to be strong". Now I remember that I forgot to add an "s" after in the word time.... forgive Liz and please correct if you wish:-D

I just went on and created a second pages "Dreams or Memories". Don't ask me why I did this theme .... I just played and this is the outcome. Love the combination of colours ... what about the story of the camels? Well, I have never been in a country with camels as you see on this page. So this page is totally out of my imagination, hehehe.

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