Sunday, November 27, 2016

Every color of paint

Another postcard using mixed media, but on this postcard it is all about paint. That is why I used acrylic paints. As I woke up this morning I had this technique in my head. I started with card board, took Van Beijsweijck gesso, Folkart acrylic paint (blue rivage and blue ribbon) to add to the card board. The Van Bleijsweijck gesso is a terrible quality, very watery and I always end up with a layer way too thin. Even a second or third, fourth layer does not do the job, but okay I just added one layer this morning, since I'm not in the mood to do multiple layers. I added the gesso with a gesso brush and with a brayer I added the acrylic paints. A very beautiful background was created;))

These postcard are 4x6" art journal pages as well! I like using mixed media to create my own little art pieces.

I recycled a business envelope to make the postcard sturdy. I added a postcard image on the back of the postcard using a postcard rubber stamp.

From this background

to this postcard:)

acrylic paints:
van beijsweijck gesso
folkart acrylic paint ~ blue rivage, blue ribbon, rouge calicot, limonade (beige)
acrylic paint dabber ~ orange

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